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NEW 1/5 Ducati R/C EP Motorbike Thunder Tiger 6528-F072

380,00 305,00

This is a new unused in box Thunder tiger Ducati Desmosedici 2008 R/C Electric Powered motorbike. A friend gave me this to sell for her as its been kicking around the house for years. She said her grandson had opened it up as he wanted to play with it. I checked it and found that it has been opened but never used. Everything is there nothing missing.The box is not in the best condition after being moved around for years but the contents are perfect. I know nothing about these, but this is suppose to be a rare one. A collector Item. . It still has a price tag sticker of 299.00. The Thunder Tiger Ready to Run 1/5th scale electric power DUCATI Desmosedici 2008 Model Motorcycle features a scaled down body which is actually extracted from the real motorcycle! The high impact lexan bodywork is decorated with vivid factory-painting and decals. Double front friction-damped forks and the adjustable rear oil-filled monoshock, suspension system provide excellent responsiveness, wheels are machined precisely from high intensity aluminum, which making it both very durable and gorgeous to look at. The construction is built by aluminum side frames, which supplies its strength and assembly preciseness. Lite life-like rider figure comes with the original product and make a treat to watch in action. High-performance motor with signal-speed chain drive outputs maximum power with no pollution. Equipped with the all-new Cougar 2.4GHz 3CH Radio, TRS401ss 2.4GHz 4CH Receiver and a 540 motor, This bike is 100% fully assembled and painted product comes along with the super combo package. No purchasing of other items is required for instant use as soon as it is taken out of the box. Now, are you ready for fun?! 100% factory assembled with all the electronic equipment Functional front and rear suspension Aluminum spring loaded front fork Aluminum rear swing arm Aluminum front and rear wheels Aluminum side frame, Chain drive and with ball bearing drive-train High grip, racing sticker tire Unique steering servo linkage for stable steering response Circular, roll-over protection wire, High impact colored and decaled body

NEW 1/5 Ducati R/C EP Motorbike Thunder Tiger 6528-F072