Innovative Technology


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LED backlight
LED backlight is useful for both emphasizing some elements (e.g. buttons, controls) and giving interesting appearance to a device. The advantages of such solution are most noticeable during a night session at the computer, when the striking illumination facilitates the use of a device, while giving it an interesting look.

Programmable keys / buttons
Personalize your Tracer product according to your needs! Programmable buttons, user profiles, and aesthetically pleasing, easy to use software will allow you to assign functions to the keys and set macros according to your needs.

Backlight control
Adjustable brightness of backlight illumination allows you to customize the backlight function to the ambient conditions. Too intense illumination can often be just as annoying as too low illumination level or even its complete lack.

Anti-ghosting technology
Put an and of limitations – this time you do not have to choose! Keyboard featuring Anti-ghosting technology allows for simultaneous actuation of multiple keys, and your PC will still register them all. No more movement delays resulting from the inability to use the WASD keys and directional keys at the same time.


Technical data
Operating systems compatibility: Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / 7
Bluetooth: No
Wire length: 1,5
Number of multimedia buttons: 12
Mechanism: Membrane
Software: No
Wrist pad: Yes
Illuminated keys: 1 color
Key drop: classic
Keyboard type: full-sized
Plug: USB
Win lock: Yes
Anti ghosting: Yes
Backlight mode: 1
Adjusting the backlight intensity: Yes
Macros management: Yes
Series: GameZone