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The key feature of this drone is the camera bracket where you can place safely the standard size sports & action camera you already own to take amazing photos and videos from the sky. In addition to that, it has shock absorbing mounting and altitude hold so you can capture smooth footage every time you fly. To go further, this drone has one key return, headless mode, is capable of 360° flips, can fly up to 10 minutes within a flight radius of 100 meters. It is bigger than usual standard drones and has remote control with a screen. And finally, it has propellers protection in case of unexpected accidents

Camera bracket
Fits standard size sports & action cameras so you can take photos and videos from the sky

Smooth footage
Thanks to shock absorbing mounting and altitude hold

Headless mode
Front is front and back is back all the time, regardless of where your drone is pointing at

Other functions
One key return, 360° flips, remote control with a screen, different speed modes



Dimensions 505 x 505 x 180 mm

Weight 455 g

Working distance Up to 100 m

Charger AC 220–240 V

Battery Li-Po 7.4 V, 1 200 mAh


Camera bracket
Smooth footage
Headless mode
Working time: up to 10 min
Charging time: up to 150 min
LED indicators

Type Drone

Product line Right Now

Control 2.4 GHz remote controller

*Στο πακέτο δεν περιλαμβάνεται η κάμερα

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